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June 14, 2022

Linux-Sound apps:all

saugns - [saugns] mention pre-v0.3.11 stdout feature

saugns saugns implements the SAU (Scriptable AUdio) language, and is a command-line parser, player, and WAV file writer for SAU scripts. It makes it easy to write script files which play sounds when ran. It's also possible to pipe audio data from it over stdout.

by joelkp (joelkp@undisclosed.example.com) at June 14, 2022 01:34 AM

April 22, 2022

Linux-Sound apps:all


StretchPlayer Audio file player that allows you to change the speed of the song without changing the pitch. It will also allow you to transpose the song to another key (while also changing the speed). Uses JACK jack audio_transcription_software

by gootz (gootz@undisclosed.example.com) at April 22, 2022 09:34 PM